About Us

Lisa McPherson

The principal instigator of the Blue Skye dream, and the steadfast visionary that holds it all together, may it be under a dark foreboding of crises or beneath the brilliance of a perfect sky. Divides her time between her full time private psychotherapy practice and her farm girl alter ego. Keeps her sanity thanks to her uncanny sense of humor and sheer inner will.

Alexandra RobinsonAlexandra McPherson Robinson

Director of Marketing. Alexandra is responsible for developing and executing strategic marketing plans for Blue Skye Lavender products.

Lily Lily

Our fourteen year old West Highland Terrier. Thinks she runs the show and acts accordingly.

Blue Skye FarmBlue Skye

Last but not least, the magnificent clouds and sunsets over the land between two waters at Blue Skye. The farm. Our farm. Its breath. Its spirit.