Our Story

The Story of a Lavender Love

Blue Skye Our Story PhotoOnce upon a time, a mother and daughter from Bethesda, Maryland, on their little farm hidden in the wilderness of the Eastern Shore of Virginia, agreed it would be lovely to enjoy, in their newly planted garden beds, the mysterious, wonderful fragrance of a few lavender plants.

Lo and behold, the small order they placed to a family-owned West Coast nursery, either by the act of a higher spirit or a botanical god, most likely by the distracted state of a hurried sales clerk, brought about three thousand hungry lavender cuttings, rather than the few originally purchased. After a few perplexed looks, a palpable hint of panic in the air, an ensuing phone call to the supplier, and a couple of girlish chuckles, Lisa McPherson and Alexandra decided to follow their hearts and give it their best go.

Unbeknownst to these two, the soil of Blue Skye Farm could not have been a better home for their new progeny: between the near constant ocean breezes, the relentlessness of the Virginia sun, and the sandy aridity of the local soil, Blue Skye Farm and ‘Lavandula x intermedia’ were a match made in heaven. Lisa and her daughter strive to bring you a sense of wonder as well as a connection to your physical and spiritual well being.

We truly hope you will share with us the natural beauty of Blue Skye Farm and our delicious confections.

From Blue Skye, with our warmest regards.