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A Marriage of Elegant Simplicity and Intelligent Choices.

Natural ingredients are the fundamental yet essential key to every Blue Skye lavender product. Founder Lisa McPherson, a psychotherapist by profession and gardener-extraordinaire by heart, along with her co-founder daughter Alexandra, both understand that their relationship to the Blue Skye customer is steeped in intelligent choices and focused dialogue.

As a little girl, Lisa began baking with an Easy Bake Oven. She graduated to large baking pans and found baking a way to pay for graduate school. She founded Rock Creek Kitchens in 1978 and provided cakes and other confections for many Washington, DC restaurants. Lisa, co-owner of Lisa’s Restaurant located in Georgetown, Washington DC, opened in 1980. It was there that she made her delicious pastries and won awards for her heavenly chocolate cakes with swirls of Italian buttercream and delicate pies.

Blue Skye Lavender is her new love. Adding her naturally grown lavender to her innovative confections brings together her culinary and gardening talents.

We hope that you will share with us the elegant simplicity of Blue Skye Lavender.

Thank you,
Lisa and Alexandra

Featured Product

Blue Skye Lavender Lavender Brittle

Our lavender brittle is, as Bonnie Benwick, Deputy Food Director for the Washington Post stated on Twitter, “Subtle and fabulous.” Unlike traditional peanut brittle, Blue Skye Lavender adds a deep smoky taste to our elegant brittle. We offer Lavender Pecan, Almond, and Cashew Brittle, respectively, and soon we’re planning to expand into chocolate! Our little confection company is growing as are our ideas for one of a kind lavender confections.

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